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    In Spellbook players compete to become the greatest wizard of the Annual Grand Rite!

    Players take on the role of wizards, gathering to participate in the Annual Grand Rite. During this competition, they work to fill their Spellbooks with new Spells. The wizards gather around a Vortex (represented by the Pouch), which emits various magical components known as Materia, some of which are placed on the Altar. The wizards use this Materia to learn new Spells or store the power within their Familiars, both of which will earn them points. The contest ends as soon as any wizard’s Spellbook or Familiar is filled. The wizard with the most points wins the competition.


    Publisher Space Cowboys
    Product Type Strategy Games
    Product Sub-Type Base Game
    Minimum Recommended Age 12
    Average Play Time 45 Minutes
    Players (Minimum) 1
    Players (Maximum) 4
    Genres Fantasy
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