Fifth Time’s the Charm – D&D 5th Edition Horde of the Dragon Queen


I’ve played a lot of RPG systems, from Palladium Books’ Rifts and Robotech, to White Wolf Publishing’s Aberrant and Mage: the Ascension, to Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars: Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion, to Paizo’s Pathfinder, but when you think of pen-and-paper RPGs, only one name comes to mind, and that’s D&D.  Dungeons and Dragons has been a household name since Gary Gygax created it in 1974 with Dave Arneson.  Even now, when I am going to play Pathfinder, I tell people I’m playing D&D, from force of habit.

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The Splenda of RPGs – Pathfinder Adventure Card Game on


In my last post, I mentioned that time seemed to be working against me.  This really isn’t a new thing; its been true for many years.  Age does that to you.  Another thing age does is force you to think more about what you put in your body.  Maybe even change it.  This is why I use artificial sweeteners.  This is why I play Pathfinder Adventure Card Game – Rise of the Runelords (PACG).

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Gwen Stacy: Spider-Woman


I always loved the Gwen Stacy character.  In The Amazing Spider-Man, her role is as a reminder to Peter Parker that he has to be careful who gets caught up in his world, because he falls in love with her and he accidentally kills her while trying to save her life; doomed either way.  She seems doomed to die.  In the Ultimate universe, she is murdered by the carnage symbiote, even though it recreates her to get at Spider-Man.  Her place is as a second reminder that with great power comes an even greater responsibility.

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The Gaming Barbarian Presents…’Age of War’


Hello, and welcome to the lair of the Gaming Barbarian! Today we travel to feudal Japan for a look at Age of War.


Gameplay of Age of War is surprisingly simple. On your turn, you roll 7 custom made six-sided dice.  You then use these dice to match symbols on cards placed in the middle of the table. If you are able to match all the symbols on the card, you win the card. Fail to match the symbols and you lose a die. Lose all your dice and your turn ends. Each card is worth a certain number of points. Once all the cards are gone, whoever has the most points wins.
Yes…that is it. Very simple. And man what fun! There is something about chucking dice that just feels so great.

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A Look at D&D Attack Wing


When I first heard about D&D Attack Wing, I admmit, I cringed a bit.  I imagined a Star Trek Attack Wing clone featuring dogfights between different-colored dragons.  They would barrel roll around and shoot fire exactly like the ships from Attack Wing.  I have to say, after playing a game this weekend, that I was way off-base.

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Outcast: Putting the possession into your pull list, one month at a time.


Halloween may be lurking right around the corner, but luckily for those of you, who enjoy the feeling of something lurking under your bed at night, can get your quick fix of horror in July. “But, July was last month,” you say? Of course it was, silly me. I wasn’t completely sold with “Outcast,” at first, which should explain why I picked up 7 copies of the book, but it wasn’t until the second issue that came out this past week that put my mind at ease about how good this story is going to be, and with it came inspiration for me to review it.