The Gaming Barbarian Presents…’Age of War’

Hello, and welcome to the lair of the Gaming Barbarian! Today we travel to feudal Japan for a look at Age of War.

Published by Fantasy Flight Games


Gameplay of Age of War is surprisingly simple. On your turn, you roll 7 custom made six-sided dice.  You then use these dice to match symbols on cards placed in the middle of the table. If you are able to match all the symbols on the card, you win the card. Fail to match the symbols and you lose a die. Lose all your dice and your turn ends. Each card is worth a certain number of points. Once all the cards are gone, whoever has the most points wins.
Yes…that is it. Very simple. And man what fun! There is something about chucking dice that just feels so great.


14 cards and 7custom dice. Those are the components of this game. Like I said: very simple. The only issue component wise is that their is no dice bag included. The box is portable – being only 4.75in. x 4.75in. x 1.50in.(official dimensions) – but a dice bag would have made an already great game even greater.

Final Thoughts

If you like small games like Love Letter and enjoy rolling dice, this is an obvious choice. Yes, the theme is paper thin and taped on. Yes, the game is all luck. Yes, those things would bother me in a longer game. But this game is only 10-15 minutes and super easy to understand. Don’t walk, run to buy this game!

A Look at D&D Attack Wing


When I first heard about D&D Attack Wing, I admmit, I cringed a bit.  I imagined a Star Trek Attack Wing clone featuring dogfights between different-colored dragons.  They would barrel roll around and shoot fire exactly like the ships from Attack Wing.  I have to say, after playing a game this weekend, that I was way off-base.

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Outcast: Putting the possession into your pull list, one month at a time.


Halloween may be lurking right around the corner, but luckily for those of you, who enjoy the feeling of something lurking under your bed at night, can get your quick fix of horror in July. “But, July was last month,” you say? Of course it was, silly me. I wasn’t completely sold with “Outcast,” at first, which should explain why I picked up 7 copies of the book, but it wasn’t until the second issue that came out this past week that put my mind at ease about how good this story is going to be, and with it came inspiration for me to review it.

Comic Book Collecting: the Fortuitous and the Frugal


The goal of this article, as it is with all articles, is to inform you of something you didn’t know before. Today, I want to focus on, what I feel are, the important aspects to look at when trying to collect comics. For what ever reason you are going into your local shop each week, whether to read a good book, to speculate on a potential investment, or to simply collect for a hobby, the goal is to have fun while doing it.

Don’t Go Quietly: A Review of Death Vigil


With all of the ongoing comics I currently read, I am usually hesitant to start a new series, but the art on the cover of Death Vigil #1 piqued my interest, so I figured I’d give it a look. And the art is beautiful, which I should have expected with Stjepan Sejic doing it all. You might know Sejic as the artist behind much of Witchblade, Artifacts, Aphrodite IX, and Army of Darkness. His painting covers are gorgeous, but it isn’t just the cover. He is the artist for the whole book, and also the series creator of Death Vigil. The art caught my eye, but the story kept me in. I was amazed at how good a book this is. It incorporates ideas from the world of the occult, but with a fresh twist.

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Your Core set Planeswalkers


...and my axe!

Your Core set Planeswalkers
(aka The Sinister Six)


That’s right folks.  Garruk has offered his axe to join us on this quest through the Magic 2015 planeswalkers.  The pre-release is this weekend so let’s take a look at Magic: the Gathering’s offering of these walkers for us to use.

Planeswalkers have been a staple in design since the Shards of Alara block.  While the fab 5 made their debut in Lorwyn, it wasn’t until Shards where their presence seemed to truly impact the block, and the format they were legal in.  This is the second time we have had 6 (SIX!) planeswalkers in a core set (M13 being the first time).  Let’s take a spin around the color wheel and visit each walker in turn.

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How to build your Magic: the Gathering collection

How to build your Magic: the Gathering collection

(or how to build your own weights)

Magic collection

Hello fellow card floppers, and welcome to my first article about the game we love: Magic: the Gathering.  As we all are drooling over the new cards from this summer’s core set, M15, I thought we could start the discussion on collecting.  Every time a new set comes out, one of the first thoughts we all have is: “How am I going to get the cards I need?”.  For some, this may not be an issue, however this article may help steer to you in the right direction based on what you need (or to fill up your 5k boxes to work out with).

By the box

One of the quickest ways to build your collection is with the purchase of multiple booster boxes.  Who doesn’t like 36 chances to get the bomb rare they need?  The more boxes you get, the better chance you have of getting a playset of the cards you need (or the cards you can trade to get what you need).  As with everything in life there are pros and cons.  I bought a case of Innistrad, and did not open one Liliana of the Veil.  This unfortunately does happen.  If you choose to go down this path keep in mind the positives, and have a good idea what deck you will be playing.  You may even notice a lot of pieces for another deck you could build which would help you have several decks to play, or test against.

All the Single Angels

Another way you can build a collection over time, and more more slowly, is to buy only the cards you need.  When purchasing cards this way you are a little more focused, but your trade binder is quite slim.  This is a good way to go when you are on a budget, and don’t need to obtain many cards for a deck.  Your collection becomes only the cards you play though, so don’t get disappointed when you are unable to trade a lot.

Play the Pack Lottery

I’ve done it.  I’ve bought a pack just for that chance to get “the money card”, then rip a bulk rare.  Similar to above if you are on a budget this could be a good way to go.  Some friends even split a box (or draft a box) using this.  Others just buy a few packs at a time.  This one is inbetween the first two above, however it can eventually provide you a nice collection of cards.  Keep in mind you won’t have as much to offer in trades as the first option, but if you do choose this option don’t regret trading away that awesome card you opened (that you’re not playing with anyway).

As you can see there are many ways you can build a collection. Next week we will dive into all of the M15 previews, and speculate for the future.

Have fun, and tap more mana.